I forsøg på at forbedre formidlingen af den lidt mere svært forståelige moderne musik, har jeg gjort meget ud af, at forhøre mig hos det almene publikum om, hvad de synes om denne musik og om min formidling af den.

Jeg har her samlet nogle af reaktionerne:

”…Det er lyden af det moderne menneske.”

”… and I found (for once) myself spellbound by the modern pieces.
In particular, the Austro by Tedde, which she opened with, was absolutely entrancing; it was quite clear that Louise lives and breathes (inhabits, really) this particular piece.”

“…The utter precision with which she delivered all of the solo pieces with their huge demands was, in itself, mesmerizing.
And the volume, my dear!, last time I heard that kind of volume was an Emerson Lake and Palmer concert in the ‘70s.
The swapping recorders in the Eggert’s Ausser Atem was done with such panache that it was almost funny (but the music was so mesmerizing, it was difficult to know exactly which emotion was predominant!).”

“…. I had expected to find some/all of the contemporary pieces challenging, or indeed boring.
But I was so transfixed by them that they seemed to be over too soon.
That is quite a tribute to Louise’s ability to engage with the audience, all of whom were riveted to the spot.”